Medewerkers en onderzoekers lectoraat Residentiële Jeugdzorg.


For more information about the research group, the research lines and the current projects, contact lector Peer van der Helm or another research group staff member.

Peer van der Helm Lector & teacher
Menno Ezinga Senior researcher & teacher
Anna Dekker Researcher & teacher
Veronique van Miert Researcher & teacher
Jesse Roest Researcher & teacher       
Mirjam van der Hoek Researcher       
Karin Putman Researcher
Danaé Stad Researcher
Iris Boekee (Team)coach & teacher
Nina van der Niet Supportive staff member

The staff members of the research group can be found in room D1.051 at Leiden University of Applied Science.
Visiting address: Zernikedreef 11, 2333 CK Leiden, the Netherlands
Postal address: P.O. box 382, 2300 AJ Leiden, the Netherlands