Lectoraat Residentiële Jeugdzorg

For adolescents and clients in residential (youth) care

Climbing mountains

For Mike, Youzef, Susmilla and all the others:

No matter what you have experienced, there are many mountains to be climbed in your life, especially when you set off from a very low level. The way to the top is much longer then and more difficult to reach. And there are many upward paths and many mountain tops. But these pictures show that you never climb alone.

They show that climbing a mountain is not easy, is full of dangers and it usually can’t be done alone. We want to help you climb that mountain together with others. You do, however, have to do the climbing yourself. We can’t carry you up but we can help you to make your own decisions. That is our starting point; we know a lot about climbing mountains and falling on the way but we want you to do it yourself and reach the top without falling into a ravine.