Hogeschool Leiden

Lines of research

The questionnaires have been released and are free for use. If you want more information or would like to discuss how the questionnaires can be used in practice you can always contact the members of the research group. We will gladly contribute our ideas!

The lines of research:

Adviseur: Nico van Tol (director of education Faculty SW&TP of Leiden University of Applied Science)

(Assistant) professors involved:

  • Prof. Geert-Jan Stams (professor occupying an endowed chair in Forensic Remedial Education at the University of Amsterdam)
  • Prof. Paul Jansen (professor occupying an endowed chair in Organisational Psychology at the VU University of Amsterdam) 
  • Prof. Robert Didden (professor occupying an endowed chair in Intellectual disabilities, learning and behaviour, Radboud University Nijmegen)
  • Assistant Professor Brian Spisak (faculty of economic sciences and management, VU University)

Lectors affiliated to the Youth Expertise Centre:

Cooperation partners

  • Xavier Moonen (special lector ‘Inclusion of people with an intellectual disability’ Zuyd University of Applied Science, Heerlen)
  • Jaap Pellen – educationalist, health care psychologist.
  • In addition to his endowed professorship, Robert Didden is also involved as a researcher in a research project into the quality of the living group climate at Trajectum and other facilities.

Robert: “ I am convinced that a good social climate increases the wellbeing of clients but also contributes to an effective treatment. The research group Residential Youth Care is doing pioneering work here and so it does not surprise me that more and more institutions are joining this research. The researchers affiliated to the group are motivated and inspire institutions to put the spotlight on the living group climate in their facility and to make improvements where needed.” More information

Lectors involved from other universities of applied science:

  • Peter Hanse (Rotterdam University of Applied Science)
  • dr. Jack de Swart (Lecturer ‘Control in Youth Care’, Windesheim University of Applied Science)