Research group Residential Youthcare

Research group Residential Youthcare

Residential group climate is the quality of the social- and physical environment in terms of the provision of sufficient and necessary conditions for physical and mental health, well-being and personal growth of the residents, with respect for their human dignity and human rights as well as (if not restricted by judicial measures) their personal autonomy, aimed at participation in society.

Our purpose is to improve the group climate in residential institutions and schools (living group climate and classroom climate). Also we focus on the perceived work climate of the professionals, especially the social workers and teachers.

University of Applied Sciences Leiden works with other Universities in the Netherlands and abroad with residential care and special education schools to improve the living- and work climate and the classroom climate. From our research results we conclude that measuring climate regularly and giving feedback to workers and clients (children or students) can help improving the climate and improve learning and development and diminish aggression.

'The research group for care, education and daily activities for children and (young) adults with problems'

Residential Youthcare

For this purpose we have developed and validated questionnaires and observation lists in 14 different languages who are free for use. We keep on developing them together with our partners in the field and by this better prepare our students for their prospected profession. We also have developed training methods for staff to improve climate. Important when improving climate is that institutions and schools do this by themselves, we can only facilitate and share knowledge and experience. Knowledge and experience should be built up within your own institution for this approach to become effective.

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