Residentiële Jeugdzorg

Education and internships

Graduation assignments

There are various opportunities to graduate at our research group. We can provide graduation places to both University and University of Applied Sciences students. Because the data collection and the projects are continuous, it is almost always possible to formulate topical research questions and to set up a graduation research project.

At various times in the course of the year, we offer students at Leiden University of Applied Sciences (SW&TP) the opportunity to register with us if they are interested. These students can find more information and contact one of the research group staff at the Digital Learning Environment (DLO) of their study program.

Students at other universities and other universities of applied sciences can contact research group staff directly to discuss the opportunities. 

Research internships

We always need assistance with data collection and processing and in writing reports and therefore we have room all year round for 2 or 3 interns or people seeking to gain experience in research during or immediately after their study (University of applied sciences or University). In addition to gaining experience in the research process, you can also contribute to the development of existing and new research lines through conducting in-depth or exploratory research.

If you are interested, please contact Veronique van Miert.


Knowledge gained through activities of the research group Residential Youth Care is integrated in different ways in the education offered by Leiden University of Applied Sciences, such as in the Youth Care master’s program and the minor s program Working in Secure Residential Care. In addition the research groups researchers are intensively involved in various graduation projects. Knowledge is also shared through writing text books for University of applied sciences education.

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