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  • Chert Hento

From his training agency, Chert Hento (director Bureau HTM) is closely involved in the learning climate research as trainer and coach. More information about Bureau HTM.​

Chert: "As Hogeschool Leiden is focused on the future, they explore marketing possibilities. One example is they involved as a partner in the country-broad project in schools for children with special educational needs. I am mainly concerned with intervision as intervention, which is linked to results of climate research. I am incredibly excited about the way we offer a tool allowing them to constantly reflect and develop. HTM office and Hogeschool Leiden intend to market developed product the end of the current project in the market."

  • Petra Schaftenaar

Petra Schaftenaar has been involved in the living group climate research for several years. In the three clinics of Inforsa (part of Arkin), Petra works as care innovator for an open living group climate. In addition, she is, amongst other things, engaged in a doctoral programme with as research subject the value and significance of relational care.

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  • Raymond Gutterswijk, Harmke le Loux en Patricia Vuijk - onderzoekers Horizon