Antroposofische Gezondheidszorg onderzoek

Research projects

In the research projects of the Professorship in Anthroposophic Healthcare, we employ state-of-the-art scientific methods, such as the development of measurement instruments and randomised controlled trials. Additional research methods are also being developed, deployed and validated in line with the specific AH practice methods. These may include the deployment and validation of casuistic methods of outcome studies, image-forming diagnostic methods and Goethe's phenomenological method.

The objective of the professorship is the further development and professionalisation of the Anthroposophic Healthcare domain along three lines of research: 'optimisation', 'monitoring' and 'validating working mechanisms/principles'. The research of the Professorship Anthroposophic Healthcare assists in the development and optimisation of AH healthcare products and practical methods and to make these explicit and test them for quality, safety and (cost) effectiveness. The knowledge derived from the data is subsequently shared in publications for the various stakeholders and articles in (inter)national, peer-reviewed scientific journals. It is also implemented in clinical practice to promote the latter's innovation.

Research projects in anthroposophic healthcare