Antroposofische Gezondheidszorg onderzoek

Current projects

AH treatment goals

The development of an overview of anthroposophic treatment goals for internal and external communication purposes.

Article on health effects of fighting disease and health promotion in childhood

Literature review: What, for example, are the long-term health effects of having gone through a febrile illness, a restricted use of antibiotics and antipyretic agents.

Image-forming discussion ; evaluation of patients' experiences and development of measurement instrument

To map patients' experiences with the image-forming discussions and using this data, develop and deploy a measurement instrument to evaluate the experiences with the image-forming discussions.

CAMBI: Line of research into alternatives to antibiotics and antifungal agents

The research focuses on literature research to find and (further) develop and/or test the optimal CAM alternatives to antibiotics and antifungal agents. The products are tested in pre-clinical and clinical studies. 

Diagnosis with image-forming tools

The image-forming capacity of art therapists is considered valuable in various professional fields. Based on a client's artistic expressions combined with his/her personal presentation, an art therapist can form an image of the client's inner state. This image-forming process leads to a therapeutic approach. But how does the process take place? Currently, the focus lies on the possibility of children using a moulded human figure to create their image. 

Eurhythmy therapy and hay fever

Effects of 12 sessions of eurhythmy therapy on hay fever symptoms were measured in a group of hay fever patients. Follow-up measurements will be done in 2015.

ICT tool for AH GPs

The development of an ICT tool to support GPs during their consultations with patients by providing information derived from various sources of CAM therapies.

International “Evaluation of anthroposophic therapies workgroup”

The workgroup aims to harmonise and take initiatives regarding international research into non-medical AH therapies. 

Overarching project – Art Therapy professional field teams

Development of a central line of research for five professional fields of art therapy in which the anthroposophic Art Therapy education and the Professorship AH collaborate with the various working areas within and outside of AH.

Body-oriented Art Therapy

Descriptive research into the characteristics and positioning of body-oriented art therapy. Documenting the effects on case-level.

Monitoring healthcare programmes

Development of new and/or use of existing systems to monitor the healthcare programmes in terms of content and effects. 

Oncology Network

Documentation of treatment and disease status of patients with cancer who were treated with complementary anthroposophic therapy. 

ROM professional therapeutic associations

A set of questionnaires was prepared for use in routinely measuring the effects of the deployment of anthroposophic therapies (routine outcome monitoring (ROM). In 2015 the first pilot will start with eurhythmy therapists.

ROM Kindertherapeuticum [Children’s therapeutic centre]

The Kindertherapeuticum in Zeist, the Netherlands has conducted client experience surveys three times over the past few decades. The Professorship AH carried out the last one. After the conclusion of the study and at the suggestion of the professorship, the Kindertherapeuticum decided to transform the client experience survey conducted once every five years into a routine outcome monitoring (ROM) of client experiences. This allows client experiences to be monitored continuously. Since the end of 2013 the client experiences have been mapped with the ROM.

ROM-GGZ [national mental healthcare organisation]

The development of a supplementary questionnaire for the routine outcome monitoring (ROM) pilot of GGNet [mental healthcare organisation], to monitor and evaluate the quality of the supplementary anthroposophic healthcare in psychiatric care (at Stichting Urtica and Lievegoed).

Website for patients, referring doctors and AH professionals and researchers

This project aims to develop a website for patients and professionals in healthcare, which will contain all scientific information about anthroposophic healthcare (AH) (patient experiences and effects of therapy). The website also has information for patients about AH and locations of AH practices.