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Master Digital Forensics

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Our digitally transformed world creates many new opportunities for misconduct. Criminals are rapidly shifting their field of activity to the digital domain providing a growing need for trained forensic IT specialists who can act quickly and effectively in digital forensic investigations.

University of Applied Sciences Leiden is the frontrunner in education dedicated to the digital forensic field with the full-time and part-time bachelor's programmes Forensic ICT (both Dutch programmes) and the part-time Master Digital Forensics (English program). These programmes are executed in close collaboration with our Lectorate Digital Forensics & E-Discovery

Who is the Master Digital Forensics for?

The Master Digital Forensics is a two-year part-time program geared towards professionals with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree working in the digital forensic field looking to widen their knowledge and developing their technical skills.  

The Master of Digital Forensics is specifically tailored to professionals who would like to:

  • advance their technical skills in modern day digital forensics and investigations. 
  • acquire the necessary management and communication skills required to perform forensic investigations.
  • be prepared for the technology paradigm shift towards IOT forensics.
  • learn how to use analytics, AI, and ML methodologies and apply forensic frameworks to control huge investigations.
  • learn to develop state of the art forensic tools.


For more information or questions about the content of the program, admission requirements or enrolment please contact us at [email protected]

Content program and facilities | Requirements, enrollment and costs

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