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Areas of Interest

Do you have a rough idea of what you'd like to study, but aren’t sure which programmes align with that? Click on an area of interest to help you decide which study suits you best.

What's your match?

Psychology and Behavior

If you enjoy: investigating human behaviour, making a difference for others, engaging in social work and thinking in possibilities.

Student Toegepaste Psychologie bekijkt boek in bibliotheek
Economics and Business

If you enjoy: organising and presenting, making decisions, bringing out the best in people, advising, and representing different interests.

IP college commerciele economie twee studenten praten met elkaar

If you enjoy: explaining things, creating and delivering creative lessons, being in front of a group, and connecting with people.

Kinderen in de klas plakken post-its

If you enjoy: taking care of others, getting your hands dirty, connecting with people, and practical lessons.

Studente van de opleiding Bachelor Verpleegkunde van Hogeschool Leiden loopt stage

If you enjoy: the ins and outs of apps, investigating and solving puzzles, analytical thinking, and coming up with creative solutions.

Informatica les waarin student voor een groot scherm zit waarop data wordt getoond

If you enjoy: biology and chemistry, conducting research, analysing and studying, and working very precisely.

Studenten Biologie en Medisch Laboratoriumonderzoek Hogeschool Leiden doen proef in laboratorium

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