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Every year, exchange students come to Leiden University of Applied Sciences to take part in our English-taught exchange programme. If you are an exchange student from a foreign education institution with which we have an Erasmus or other exchange agreement, see below for which courses are offered and which steps need to be taken to apply for our exchange programme.

Bio-informatica les waarin student presenteert voor andere studenten

Courses available

Academic Guide
Academic Guide

We offer the following English-taught courses, click on the link to see the course descriptions (page 15 and onward):

Academic Guide LUAS 24-25

In case you have questions about the content of a specific course, entry requirements, learning outcomes, language skills, exams, resits, attendance, rules and regulations or other questions related to the course, you can send an email to the lecturer of the course.

All these courses last one semester and carry a study load of 15 or 30 EC. This is based on the European Credit Transfer System.

Nomination, application and semester dates

The dates below are the rudimentary dates per semester, so they might vary slightly between academic years.

 First semester
(fall, September)
Second semester (spring, February)
Start nomination by partner university at Leiden UAS via FormsFebruary 1stSeptember 1st
Deadline nomination by partner university at Leiden UASApril 15thOctober 15th
Start application by studentApril 1stOctober 1st
Deadline of application by studentJune 1stNovember 15th
Semester datesAugust 29th 2024 –February 7th 2025 February 6th 2025 -
July 18th 2025

Academic Calendar

Holidays 2024/2025

Autumn holidays

Christmas holidays

Spring holidays

Easter holidays

King's Day

May holidays

Ascension holidays

Whitsun holidays

Summer holidays

Monday 28 October 2024 - Friday 1 November 2024

Monday 23 December 2024 - Friday 3 January 2025

Monday 24 February 2025 - Friday 28 February 2025

Friday 20 April 2025 - Monday 22 April 2025

Sunday 27 April 2025

Monday 28 April 2025 - Friday 9 May 2025

Thursday 29 May 2024 - Friday 30 May 2025

Sunday 8 June 2025 - Monday 9 June 2025

Monday 21 July 2025 - Friday 29 August 2025

It is emphasised that when planning their holidays students must stick to the official holiday periods. It is sometimes necessary for Leiden UAS to change dates and schedule exams or lectures on dates originally planned as lecture-free or exam-free days. Students can be assured that no changes will be made to the official holiday periods.

Meet the International Office of Leiden UAS

The International Office of Leiden UAS consists of Lieke Steijger and Thomas Lodder. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us directly at [email protected].

If you have any academic or course related questions, it is best to contact the lecturer directly, see our course offering for their email addresses.