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Think along

At Leiden University of Applied Sciences, students have a voice. You can participate by joining the Student Council or a programme committee. Interested?

Groepje van 6 jonge studenten staan vrolijk bij elkaar

Join the Student Council

The Student Council advocates for student interests. By becoming a member, you can:

  • Represent the students of Leiden University of Applied Sciences to the Executive Board.
  • Help decide on policy issues that affect education.
  • Give advice on, for example, the enrolment regulation or the ‘Profileringsfonds’. But also on topics such as student welfare, student workplaces and digitisation of education.
  • Maintain contact with programme committees, study associations and faculties, among others.
  • Time commitment: about eight to 12 hours a week.
  • To do: contribute ideas, read papers, attend meetings, network and have drinks.
  • Become a member because: you gain new experiences, meet new people and develop a critical eye.

Every year, a new council is formed with students. Wondering who has gone before you, what exactly the Student Council does and what they are looking for in new members?

Foto Daní
Dani | Student Information technology
I enjoy helping other students and want to get involved. That is why I really enjoy being involved in college policy issues within the Student Council to hopefully improve our education.

Join a study programme committee

Every programme (or group of programmes) has a programme committee. Become a member and:

  • Help think about the quality of education. An example: look together with your committee members at what is needed for a good transition from high school to college.
  • Give advice on policy issues, such as the faculty plan.
  • Time commitment: about four to six hours a month.
  • To do: brainstorming, meetings, attending Open Day and drinks.
  • Become a member because: you represent the interests of the students in your programme, learn to be involved, develop your opinion and learn to cooperate better.
Portret van Eline student Commerciële Economie Hogeschool Leiden
Helping to enhance education, both for myself and for the students around me, is why I serve on the Education Committee.

More information on the Dutch page

For more detailed information, please visit our Dutch page by clicking "Nederlands" at the top of this page.