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Who we are as an employer

What applies to our students also applies to our staff: we see who you are. We listen to what you need to enjoy your work and continue to grow professionally. At Leiden University of Applied Sciences, fostering connections and development are paramount, both as individuals and as a team. Together, we contribute to the development of our students, our organisation and society.

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Twee studenten Commerciële Economie van Hogeschool Leiden werken samen aan een opdracht.
Bespreking op het lab bij hbo-opleiding Chemie aan Hogeschool Leiden

Working on the future

Today's jobs impact tomorrow's society. By working at Leiden University of Applied Sciences, you make a significant contribution. Whether you are a lecturer, researcher, or part of our support services, we unite for connection and development.

Als medewerker bij Hogeschool Leiden ervaar je een persoonlijke en inclusieve werkomgeving

Personal and together

An important strength of Leiden University of Applied Sciences is our small-scale organisation. Here, you are more than just a number. This means we truly know one another; we see, hear, and support each other when needed. 

Alongside our students and partners, we form a cohesive network. We aim to be a learning community where diversity is viewed as strength and inclusion is actively promoted. We are convinced that this contributes to the results of our joint efforts.

Kom je bij Hogeschool Leiden werken dan is er altijd ruimte voor jouw ontwikkeling

Your development first

We provide space for your enthusiasm and development. It’s important to us that you have opportunities to continue learning, both personally and professionally. Our career and vitality platform offers courses and training to help you take the next step. 

At Leiden University of Applied Sciences, we maintain a culture where making mistakes is allowed, where learning from each other is encouraged, fostering continuous improvement in ourselves and our work. This is how we advance, maintaining the high quality of our education and research.

Leraar gezondheidszorg welzijn & omgangskunde docent geeft uitleg aan studenten die bij elkaar zitten en in het lesboek kijken

Trust as a foundation

Enjoying your work is a core value for us. You receive all the space you need to work in your own way, yet you are never alone. We value effort towards a common goal, provided it's pursued with energy and enthusiasm. We support hybrid working and prioritise a healthy work-life balance. 

We advocate for connective leadership; our managers ensure there is always space for meaningful conversations, with trust as the foundation.