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Accessibility statement

We believe everyone deserves equal opportunities to learn and grow. By making our website and digital resources accessible, we ensure that all our visitors can benefit from what we have to offer. Moreover, by doing so, we comply with legal requirements and ethical standards that ensure equal access to information and services.

Digital accessibility

As a university, we think it is important that our website is accessible to everyone. Also for visitors with a disability. This is why we want to comply with WCAG, an international standard for digital accessibility. Around 4 million Dutch people have a disability that affects the way they use the internet. For example: people who are blind or visually impaired, or unable to use a mouse. Nowadays, mobile phones, computers and the internet are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for participating independently in society. Therefore, as a university of applied sciences, we want to be accessible for everyone online.

How accessible is our website?

To ensure that our website is as accessible as possible, specialists survey our website every few years. The most recent survey report can be found through the button below.

The report

Reduced accessibility on this website

The following components on our website are currently inaccessible or reduced accessibility:

  • PDFs 
  • Videos

We are doing our utmost to improve this as soon as possible.

Our measures

Leiden University of Applied Sciences is taking the following measures to increase the digital accessibility of

  • The maintenance of our website is carried out by experts with experience in the field of digital accessibility.
  • Automatic scans are carried out periodically and a manual survey is carried out every 2 years by an external party.
  • Our web editors are trained on knowledge of digital accessibility and how to write and provide accessible content.

Any issues?

Do you encounter a problem with the accessibility of our website? 

Send us an e-mail at [email protected]. In doing so, we would like to hear on which page the problem occurs. Where possible, we will find an appropriate solution.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about web accessibility?

The DigiToegankelijk website has more information on digital accessibility.

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