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Student Support

Studying can be enjoyable but sometimes it's also stressful. From a conversation with a student dean to a helpful workshop: Student Support is here to assist you with challenges, problems, or complaints.

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What will you need?

Certain situations can make studying challenging. Perhaps you have a disability, are experiencing mental health issues, or have fallen ill. Even life events like pregnancy or family emergencies can disrupt your studies.

We are here for you

With a team of student counsellors, psychologists, a study counsellor, language coaches, and a budget coach, we are committed to supporting you so that your academic progress is minimally disrupted. You can often access various facilities and schemes. Additionally, you are always welcome to join our workshops and training courses at no cost.

Student Support is also available to advise on financial matters, including study grants, financial support, and budgeting.

Question or appointment?
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1. Support during your studies

Are you experiencing psychological problems or personal circumstances that are making your studies less successful? Make an appointment with a student counselor.

What can the student dean do for me?

The student dean will collaborate with you to identify what is needed to make your education as successful as possible, including test accommodations, extra guidance, and facilities from DUO or the ‘profileringsfonds’.

The goal is to provide you, as much as possible, the same opportunities as other students. This is always tailored to your needs.

If you need help with mild psychological complaints that are impeding your studies, discuss with your student counsellor whether your complaints are suitable for a course with the student psychologist.

What can the student psychologist do for me?

The student psychologists at Leiden University of Applied Sciences offer solution-oriented, short-term psychological help through group trainings and individual conversations.

You will receive concrete tools to address your questions or problems.

What can the language coach do for me?

Do you struggle with language anxiety, difficulty with Dutch, and/or writing reports? You can turn to Student Support for language and writing assistance. Work on your language and writing goals, such as:

  • Reading study texts faster and more effectively
  • Formulating better
  • Making fewer mistakes with spelling and grammar
  • Writing and reporting skills
What can the budget coach do for me?

Are you experiencing financial difficulties? Together, we'll map out your financial situation. Gaining an overview and insight ensures that you understand where you stand.

This will create peace, clarity and makes financial choices easier. 


Are you dealing with an emergency? Contact your family doctor. Outside office hours, call the GP post (in Leiden via 088 - 4274700).

Do you have suicidal thoughts or are you worried about someone else? Call the 113 helpline, at 113 (0800-0113) and

2. Studying with a disability or (chronic) illness

Do you have a disability or (chronic) illness that makes your education extra challenging? This might be dyslexia, autism, AD(H)D, epilepsy, diabetes or a physical/sensory disability.

Plan an intake interview in time

Make an appointment with the Student Counsellor before the start of your studies.

  • We discuss what you need and what facilities could support you.  
  • We discuss the feasibility of the programme.
  • We tell you all about financial facilities.

Do you only need extra testing time (dyslexia and/or AD(H)D)?

That means you do not need to make an appointment for an intake interview. Starting from 1 September, you can make a short appointment online. You can also drop by during the consultation hour from 13.00-15.00 in F0.057.

Don't forget your statement
Don't forget your statement

Bring an original statement of your disability (issued by a recognised expert) with you to the intake interview.

You will need this to apply for facilities.

3. Help with your study choice

Could you use some help with your study? Choose your situation below and find out what support we can offer you.

You are enrolled at Leiden University of Applied Sciences

As a student of Leiden University of Applied Sciences, you can contact the study choice advisor for the following questions:

  • Doubts about your current programme, switching programmes
  • Studying on after your bachelor's degree
  • Transition to the job market

Make an appointment with the advisor here.

You have not yet enrolled in a course

Are you considering joining University of Applied Sciences Leiden? And are you looking for help in making a study choice? If so, schedule a consultation using this form. Choose ‘study choice advisors’ as the subject.

Practical questions

You can also contact a study advisor with practical questions, such as:

  • Where can I find more information about certain studies?
  • How do I make the transition to college?
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4. Combining studies with top-level sports or informal care

Combining education with top-level sports requires flexibility. Trainings, matches, and tournaments do not always align well with the study programme.

What can you do if you miss classes or exams? How can you avoid significant study delays? Student Support will help you devise a feasible study schedule.

Schedule an appointment with Student Support before the start of your studies.


Would you like to make an appointment with Student Support? Or do you have a question you'd like to ask online?

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More information on the Dutch page

For more detailed information, please visit our Dutch page by clicking "Nederlands" at the top of this page.