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This is us

At Leiden University of Applied Sciences, we see who you are, what you can do, and what you need. We also recognise what our society requires. Bearing this in mind, students, teachers, researchers, and professionals come together to shape the future.

Een groep studenten zit en staat voor Hogeschool Leiden en praten geamuseerd
Drie studenten presenteren hun communicatieproject voor de klas met whiteboard en post-its

Paying close attention is the foundation of all knowledge and development. It is also a strength at Leiden University of Applied Sciences. Owing to our small scale and personalised approach, we comprehend the needs of our students, staff, and partners. We provide the necessary support while also challenging them to achieve their best. 

Practical questions are our starting point. From there, we deliver high-quality education and research and innovate in practice. Students, teachers, researchers, and professionals collaborate here; these are not separate worlds for us. By listening to one another, we contribute to a better society.

Leiden University of Applied Sciences. Seen and heard.

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