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Health and welfare

Since its foundation and partly due to its location at the Leiden Bio Science Park, Leiden University of Applied Sciences has held a strong position in the fields of health and social welfare. We believe it is important that as many people as possible remain and become vital so that they can actively participate in society.

Societal challenges

Through our research in elderly care, nursing leadership, community-based healthcare, and technology, we contribute to the well-being and autonomy of healthcare professionals and their patients. Moreover, our educational and research offerings encompass social innovation in welfare, youth care, mental healthcare, and adult care, whether in voluntary or involuntary settings. 

Examples of societal challenges we aim to address through our practice-based research include::

  • promoting self-direction of patients, clients and healthcare professionals;
  • promoting vitality through neighbourhood-oriented work;
  • increasing the participation of vulnerable adults and young people;
  • developing measurement and detection methods in the life sciences that contribute to a greater understanding of disease and health. 

More information on the Dutch page

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