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The way we educate

Curious about what studying at Leiden University of Applied Sciences entails? Wondering how your education there aligns with the demands of the job market? Keep reading to discover more!

studenten zitten in het gras in de zon bij hoofdgebouw hogeschool leiden
Our approach to education

Here's what learning at Leiden is like

Our vision:

  • Our educators are dedicated to nurturing your personal growth.
  • You'll develop an awareness of your own needs as well as those of others.
  • Self-discovery and making choices aligned with your aspirations are central.
  • Learning isn't just about successes; it's about resilience in the face of setbacks and uncertainties.
  • Guided by your values, you'll be empowered to positively impact our evolving world.
  • Upon graduation, you'll possess the skills needed to excel in your chosen field, along with a relentless drive for self-improvement.

What do we stand for?

1. Involved 

We believe in a personalised approach: our classes are small-scale, allowing us to understand your unique needs and provide tailored support. We encourage autonomy, but assistance is always available when needed.

2. Passionate about the profession 

We challenge you to bring out the best in yourself. In a nurturing environment, we foster growth through questioning, support, and constructive feedback. However, we also set high standards, expecting you to take charge of your studies, make choices in line with your ambitions, and maintain an open and critical mindset.

3. Meaningful education

We believe education is about more than just acquiring knowledge; it's about understanding yourself and others. We foster inclusivity and accessibility, valuing collaboration and diverse perspectives. Through interdisciplinary cooperation, we encourage exploration beyond the confines of traditional study programmes.

Five educational principles

Curious about how we shape your education?

We employ five 'educational principles' to craft the education you receive. 

On this page, we briefly explain these principles. The goal of our education? That you can study actively and successfully!

1. A flying start. From your first visit to our website, we aim to assist you in making the right study choice. Then, you'll get to know fellow students and gain a good understanding of what we expect from you.

2. Challenging and profession-oriented education. We train you for a complex and evolving professional practice, enabling you to make a positive contribution to the world.

3. An activating blend. You'll experience a mix of on-campus and online classes that best fit your future profession. We ensure that you really have to rack your brains. This way, you're engaged in your studies, retain knowledge better, and can apply knowledge more effectively.

4. Meaningful guidance. Every student, including you, should feel seen and heard. We ensure that you feel welcome, at home, and safe. And we provide the guidance you need.

5. Assessment for learning. Assessment provides insight into how learning is progressing, and the opportunity to adjust learning and teaching activities. To make learning challenging, you'll work on professional products or tasks that you encounter in real life.


Safe learning environment
Safe learning environment

At Leiden University of Applied Sciences, everyone is welcome, but certain behaviors are not tolerated. 

If you encounter any unwelcome behavior, we are here to support you.

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More information on the Dutch page

For more detailed information, please visit our Dutch page by clicking "Nederlands" at the top of this page.