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You can  check here to find out if you need an MVV. If you need an MVV, UAS Leiden can help you to arrange it. You will need to prove that you have been admitted to the Bachelor's programme of your choice and that you have sufficient financial means to live in the Netherlands. To establish that you do have sufficient financial means, you will have to transfer €10,500 to the bank account of UAS Leiden before 1 July. This sum will be refunded to you (minus € 311 in MVV application fees and € 250 in administration fees) after you have arrived in the Netherlands.

Note: This rule does not apply to you if you are an exchange student who needs an MVV to participate in one of our English-taught minors. However, in this case you will have to transfer € 311 to the bank account of UAS Leiden to pay for your MVV application fees.

Short stay visa

If you need a short stay visa, you have to apply for it at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country. 
It is important to realise that you cannot change your short stay visa into an MVV once you are in the Netherlands.

Sufficient academic progress

In order to retain your residence permit, your academic progress must be adequate. As a student, you must attain at least half of the total possible credits each academic year. UAS Leiden will check this at the end of every academic year. If your progress is inadequate, UAS Leiden is obliged to report this to the Dutch immigration Services (IND), in which case there is a chance that the IND will revoke your residence permit.

You can find more information about this in the brochure 'Coming to Study in The Netherlands', available on the website of the IND.


If you have any questions about (applying for) an MVV, you can contact Caroline Teeuwisse of our Student Registration Office ( studentinschrijving@hsleiden.nl).