Hogeschool Leiden

Registration at Town Hall

If you are planning on staying in the Netherlands for four months or longer, you will need to have yourself registered as a new inhabitant of the town where you are living. For this registration process you will have to go to the local town hall. If you are staying in Leiden you have to call the local town hall (14071) to make an appointment to register. After you have dialed this number you will hear some information in Dutch. After the beep you have to mention the word ‘Leiden’. After a minute or so one of the employees will start to talk to you. Do not forget to ask what documents you have to bring to your appointment.

Citizen Service Number

After you have completed your registration at the local town hall, you will receive a citizen service number ( burgerservicenummer, BSN‚). You need to have this number if you take a job alongside your studies or if you are planning on doing an internship in the Netherlands.