Hogeschool Leiden

Centre for Bioscience and Diagnostics

Our discipline, life science and health, is always changing and that is what makes it so inspiring. This is also exactly why companies are constantly searching for up-to-date courses for their employees in diagnostics and in research laboratories. That is where the Centre for Bioscience & Diagnostics, or CBD for short, comes in.

The CBD develops and runs a broad-based portfolio of training courses that take place at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden ( Hogeschool Leiden). These are available via an open, web-based admissions process to any and all working in the biotech, health and life sciences fields. 

Furthermore, we offer tailor-made programs on two scales:

  • incompany training, for a group of employees (10-100) sharing a common training objective
  • individual training, which usually cater to a single or very small group of participants

CBD courses 

CBD courses and tailor-made programmes are taught by lecturers of University of Applied Sciences Leiden in cooperation with guest lecturers and subject specialists from the relevant professional fields. This means that not only are the CBD's courses given by lecturers expert in the latest theoretical developments, their (many) years of experience of the application of the material, and their extensive network within the Netherlands and beyond also guarantee the quality, relevance and value of the training trajectory as whole.


The CBD offers courses and trainings in the following subjects:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Genomics
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology and Histotechnology
  • Immunology and Immunochemistry
  • Agrobotany
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • GMP
    • Basic Principles of GMP (June)
    • GMP Advanced
  • Statistics
  • Science & cooking
  • Personal and professional development

The teaching staff

CBD courses are taught by a pool of thirty enthusiastic lecturers from the courses Biology and Medical Laboratory Research, Chemistry and Bioinformatics of University of Applied Sciences Leiden and the MLO (Secondary Laboratory Education) programme of the mboRijnland.

A core team of four full-time CBD staff are responsible for the development of the course portfolio, for the co-ordination of the courses and training, and also enjoy teaching courses in their areas of specialisation:

  • Dr. M.J. Plug (Maria): molecular biology, molecular diagnostics, genomics, general life sciences, chemistry, bio-informatics
  • Dr. A.M.B.C. Tiggelman (Anke): pathology and histotechnology, immunology and immunochemistry, agrobotany
  • T. de Vos (Tonny).: microbiology, molecular microbiological diagnostics, quality assurance
  • R.A. de Nooijer (Roel), B.Sc.: clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine