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If you choose to study with us, we will listen to you, guide you, and challenge you. At Leiden University of Applied Sciences, we believe it's crucial for you to approach your future with confidence. Through excellent, small-scale, and personalised education, we assist you in finding, pursuing, and completing the right programme to give you a head start in the job market.

Studenten lopen door Leiden centrum

Exchange programmes

The Erasmus+ programme
The Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ is a European funding programme providing grants for a wide range of activities in the fields of education, youth and sports. An important requirement for taking part in the Erasmus+ programme is that each Higher Education Institution must apply for an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education & Policy Statement

Following the submission of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and based on our latest performance within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, Leiden University of Applied Sciences has been successfully assessed by the National Agency for Erasmus+ (Nuffic). The European Commission has therefore decided to award us with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) for the entire period of the Erasmus+ Programme which runs from 2021-2027. 

By applying for this Charter we have committed ourselves to implementing the activities funded by the Erasmus+ Programme in line with the fundamental principles of the Charter and to publishing the Erasmus Policy Statement on our website.

Erasmus+ programma wordt gefinancierd door de Europese Unie
Active partner list & Factsheet Leiden UAS

Other useful documents are our active partner list and the Leiden UAS fact sheet. The former is an overview of all our partners (also including non-Erasmus+ partners) shown per Leiden UAS faculty, the latter is a summary for our partners of what we offer for their students.

Recognition of mobility activity in Erasmus+

For a study period, internship or research assignment abroad, every Erasmus+ student will receive European Credits, as agreed upon in a learning agreement to be signed by home and host institution before departure. 

Incoming students will participate in the exchange programme offered by Leiden UAS. General information about the offered courses, including the number of credits that can be obtained for each of them, are mentioned on this page under Exchange programme at Leiden UAS > Available courses. After their mobility period incoming students will receive a Transcript of Records. 

General information on the Dutch grading system can be found here

For outgoing students,. the examination board will convert the credits obtained to the institutional grading scale and recognize the credits obtained abroad. Leiden UAS issues a Diploma Supplement to each student upon graduation in which all activities during the study period are registered. The components and/or credits for study period, internship or research assignment abroad are mentioned on the student’s grade list.

Rights of Erasmus students

Students participating in the Erasmus+ programme have the right to expect the following:

  • The home and host institution have an inter-institutional agreement or traineeship agreement for mobility
  • The learning agreement sets out the details of the planned activities abroad, including the credits to be achieved
  • The host university does not charge fees for tuition, registration, examinations, access to laboratory and library facilities during the stay abroad
  • Credits obtained abroad will be recognized for satisfactorily completed activities and where applicable converted into the institutional grading scale
  • The host university will treat and serve the Erasmus incoming students in the same way as their home students
  • The student grant or loan from the home country can be maintained during the stay abroad.
More information and contacting Leiden UAS

More information about Erasmus+ can be found on the website of the European Commission. If you are interested in cooperating with us in the Erasmus+ programme, you can contact the International Office of Leiden UAS at [email protected] to discuss the possibilities.

Exchange programme at Leiden UAS
Exchange programme at Leiden UAS

Every semester, international exchange students from our partner institutions located all over the world come to Leiden UAS to take part in our Exchange programme and experience Leiden.

Available courses

You can find our offered courses over on the dedicated Courses page. There you find a nice overview when which course is offered by whom. 

In case you have questions about the content of a specific course, entry requirements, learning outcomes, language skills, exams, resits, attendance, rules and regulations or other questions related to the course, you can send an email to the lecturer of the course.

All these courses last one semester and carry a study load of 15 or 30 EC. This is based on the European Credit Transfer System.

Nomination, application and semester dates

The dates below are the rudimentary dates per semester, so they might vary slightly between academic years.

 First semester
(fall, September)
Second semester (spring, February)
Start nomination by partner university at Leiden UAS via FormsFebruary 1stSeptember 1st
Deadline nomination by partner university at Leiden UASApril 15thOctober 15th
Start application by studentApril 1stOctober 1st
Deadline of application by studentJune 1stNovember 15th
Semester dates

August 29th 2024 –February 7th 2025 


February 6th 2025 -
July 18th 2025
Academic Calendar Holidays 2024/2025

Autumn holidays

Monday 28 October 2024 - Friday 1 November 2024 

Christmas holidays

Monday 23 December 2024 - Friday 3 January 2025 

Spring holidays

Monday 24 February 2025 - Friday 28 February 2025 

Easter holidays

Friday 20 April 2025 - Monday 22 April 2025 

King's Day

Saturday 26 April 2025 

May holidays

Monday 28 April 2025 - Friday 9 May 2025 

Ascension holidays

Thursday 29 May 2024 - Friday 30 May 2025 

Whitsun holidays

Sunday 8 June 2025 - Monday 9 June 2025 

Summer holidays

Monday 21 July 2025 - Friday 29 August 2025

It is emphasised that when planning their holidays students must stick to the official holiday periods. It is sometimes necessary for Leiden UAS to change dates and schedule exams or lectures on dates originally planned as lecture-free or exam-free days. Students can be assured that no changes will be made to the official holiday periods.

Meet the International Office of Leiden UAS

The International Office of Leiden UAS consists of Lieke Steijger and Thomas Lodder. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us directly at [email protected]

If you have any academic or course related questions, it is best to contact the lecturer directly, see our course offering for their email addresses.

Exchange requirements and how to apply

In order to be eligible for an exchange at Leiden UAS, the following steps need to be taken. 

Step 1. Make sure there is an agreement between our institutions. Leiden UAS has exchange agreements with many foreign education institutions. If your institution is one of them, you are welcome to participate in our exchange programme. 

Step 2. Have a good grasp of the English language. All exchange students wishing to apply for our exchange programme need to have sufficient knowledge of the English language. In practice this means that your English language skills should meet the level as described in the Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreement. We do not require a test result. 

In general, Leiden UAS expects exchange students to have the equivalent level of the following: 

  • IELTS, Academic Module. Minimum score: 6.0 overall band score 
  • TOEFL, Internet based. Minimum score 80

Step 3. Make sure you know which courses you are allowed to follow. Please contact your home university to see what the possibilities are and which courses are offered for our specific agreement between our institutions. 

Step 4. Get nominated by your home university. The next step is to be selected by your home university to go on exchange to Leiden UAS. Your home university then will nominate you at Leiden UAS. We will contact your home institution on how to nominate you. 

Step 5. Apply for your exchange at Leiden UAS. If the nomination is correct, we will contact you directly with further information and instructions on how you can apply for your exchange at Leiden UAS. 

Step 6. Receive a Letter of Acceptance. After we have received your application, the international coordinator of the programme/course will check if you can be admitted. Some courses have prerequisites that need to be met, you can read up on them in the course descriptions. If you are eligible for admittance, you will receive an official letter of acceptance from us. 

Please read all other information provided here to properly prepare for your exchange at Leiden UAS.

Cancellation & Disclaimer

In the unfortunate event of a cancellation of your exchange at Leiden UAS, this has to be done in writing and has to be sent to [email protected] mentioning your student number, home university and the reason for cancellation. 

Should you cancel your application after we have submitted your entry visa and/or residence permit application, the legal fees paid on your behalf cannot be refunded. 

Please note: cancellation of accommodation has to be done directly with the party offering housing, and different fees and rules may apply.


The information on this site is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate at the time of publication and is solely for information purposes. Changing circumstances may cause alterations in its outline at any time. Leiden University of Applied Sciences accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever arising because of use or reliance on this website or on the information thereon or in respect of information accessed via any links from the Web pages. 

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