Hogeschool Leiden

Your guarantee of quality

Your satisfaction regarding our courses is our top priority. The CBD has many years experience in delivering outstanding quality and the customer always comes first. This means that apart from having open ears to informal feedback during the course itself, both the regular courses and the tailor-made programmes are evaluated by means of a detailed written survey once the course is completed.

In addition, the success of the tailor-made programmes is also evaluated in a one-on-one session with the client who ordered the training trajectory for her/his employees. All of the evaluation data are used to further optimize the courses in the future. 


The CBD is an integral part of an accredited (and highly regarded) institution for higher education, the University of Applied Sciences Leiden. The CBD works closely together with professionals from the relevant fields of science, technology and industry when developing, organising and implementing the courses. These individuals are often recognised leaders in their fields, and together with the CBD's own lecturers, they guarantee the quality and relevance of the material taught.

This means that CBD trainings are being seen as an indispensible part of an effective human resources and life-long learning strategy in laboratories, institutes, clinics and in industry.