Hogeschool Leiden

Work climate research

Staff (social workers) in residential (forensic) (juvenile) institutions play a key role in creating and upholding an open living group climate in the living group / department, as more and more research shows. In 2012, this gave reason to also involve the work climate of group leaders in the research and to develop the Living Group Work Climate Inventory (LGWCI). An analysis of the results shows that the factors in the LGWCI are reliable and valid and is connected to the Living Group Climate. The Living Group Work Climate Inventory measures different factors of the work climate. The Teacher Climate Inventory (TCI) is used amongst staff at schools for Special Secondary Education, regardless of whether these are connected to a (residential) juvenile institution and has important correlations with the classroom climate.

Two doctoral researchers, Anna Dekker and Veronique van Miert, are looking at the work climate in ‘high risk’ working environments under supervision of professor Paul Jansen at Amsterdam VU University.