Menno Ezinga

Hogeschool Leiden

Menno Ezinga is senior researcher and currently involved in executing and coordinating multiple studies for the research group residential youth care.


Menno graduated in 2004 as a developmental psychologist at Leiden University. He received his PhD in 2008, also at Leiden University, in collaboration with the NSCR. The title of his dissertation is: Psychosocial development and the development of problem behavior during adolescence.

From 2008 to 2012 Menno worked as an assistant professor at the Criminology department of the VU University in Amsterdam. Among various types of education tasks he conducted a large scale study on the wellbeing of children of incarcerated mothers. Furthermore, he co-edited a comprehensive book about delinquency of girls and adult females.


In 2012, he started working as a consultant for various firms. He did a variety of assignments for the Dutch police, the ministry of Justice and other organizations related to the public administration. In 2015 he started working as an independent professional for the Dutch police academy, and the Master Crisis and security management (Public administration, Leiden university).


List of publications ( pdf, 354 KB )