Marjorie Beld

Marjorie Beld
Marjorie Beld


Marjorie Beld MSc works at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in the field of Health and Wellbeing. As a teacher, she works for the SPH study program where, amongst other things, she gives lessons within the minor ‘Werken in Gedwongen Kader’ (working in detention centres). In addition, she works as researcher at the research group ‘Sturing in de Jeugdzorg’ (control in the youth care sector) and as a trainer she holds workshops for practitioners. Her professional background in the field is in the area of forensic youth care in which she has worked as a teacher in the special Secondary Education sector, group leader in a Correctional Institutions for Juvenile Offenders, behavioural scientist and remedial child psychologist in school.


Marjorie’s doctoral research addresses the learning climate in the education sector for children in special (secondary) education and special (secondary) education in the residential youth care sector. A validation study resulted in a reliable and valid questionnaire with which the learning climate can be measured. The role of parents and bullying has been investigated and the relationship with the living group and work climate is still to be researched. Currently the training program ‘Meester in de klas’ is being implemented and further developed in the field. After a learning climate measurement has been made, this training program enables practitioners to work on remaining learning climate factors by applying teaching competences in order to improve the learning climate. The training is part of the project ‘Ik ga toch weer naar school’ (I’m going back to school after all) that is subsidised by SIA-RAAK. Prof. Geert Jan Stams (University of Amsterdam) supervises this research with of dr. Peer van der Helm and dr. Jack de Swart.


NWO PhD grant for teachers (2014-2018); RAAK publiek ‘Ik ga toch weer naar school’.

International publications

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