Evelyn Heynen


Evelyn Heynen MSc currently works as a teacher at the University of Maastricht Zuyd University of Applied Science after having worked for two years as a researcher at Mondriaan Groep.

The doctoral research being conducted by Evelyn Heynen (University of Amsterdam) addresses the relationship between living group climate and the development of psychopathology in German juvenile detention centres. The German detention system differs from the Dutch juvenile detention system on many aspects. As part of the research the effects of a positive living group climate on the behaviour of young men is investigated. The focus is on cold blooded behaviour, emotionalism, aggression and empathy.

Supervisor: Geert Jan Stams
Assistant supervisors: Maaike Cima, Peer van der Helm

International publications

  • E.J.E. Heynen, G.H.P. van der Helm, G.J.J.M Stams, A.M. Korebrits (2013). Measuring the group climate in A German youth Prison - A German validation of the `Prison Group Climate Instrument´ (GCI), Journal forensic psychiatry and psychology, 14, 45-54.
  • M. Deen, E.J.E.Heynen, G.H.P. van der Helm, A.M. Korebrits, B. Schouten (2014). Games [4Therapy] project: Let’s talk. In:  Schouten, Fedtke, Schijven, Vosmeer, Gekker (2014), Games for health 2014, ISBN: 978-3-658-07140-0 (Print) 978-3-658-07141-7 (Online)