Eefje Strijbosch

Hogeschool Leiden

Background information

Eefje Strijbosch (MSc) works at the Research and Development department of Juzt, a youth and family care organization located at several places in the provinces of Noord-Brabant and Zeeland in the Netherlands. Eefje coordinates and performs research within the organization, and participates on behalf of Juzt in regional, provincial and national research programs. She works closely together with researchers and students of several (professional) universities. At Juzt, ongoing research takes place mainly with regard to (1) a safe living and working climate, (2) alliances between care workers, children/youths and their parents, and (3) attachment and trauma focused care.


In her PhD project (University of Amsterdam) Eefje focuses on the quality of residential care for children aged 4 to 14. Unfortunately, not every parent is able to offer a stable and secure home, and still thousands of children every year are referred for a short or longer period of time to residential care in the Netherlands. It is of great importance to provide these children with the right circumstances in which they are able to develop in a positive way. Since the year 2012 Juzt has been systematically gathering data on the experience of group climate by children, and alliances between care workers, children/youths and their parents. For this purpose, new instruments were developed and validated. Based on the longitudinal data, the dynamics between group climate and alliance experiences are being studied within this young age group. The PhD project will lead to recommendations for ongoing improvements of group climate and alliances in residential care for children.

  • PhD supervisor: Geert Jan Stams (UvA)
  • PhD co-supervisors: Peer van der Helm (HS Leiden), Inge Wissink (UvA)

Publications related to PhD project

  • Strijbosch, E.L.L., Van der Helm, G.H.P., Van Brandenburg, M.E.T., Mecking, M., Wissink, I.B., & Stams, G.J.J.M. (2014). Children in residential care: Development and validation of a group climate instrument. Research on Social Work Practice, 24, 462-469.
  • Strijbosch, E.L.L., De Greef, M., Van Brandenburg, M.E.T., Pijnenburg, H.M. (2014). Pedagogisch klimaat: Meer dan sfeerbepalend (Group climate: Not only a question of atmosphere).  Jeugd & Co, 8 (2), 20-21.