Danaé Stad

Hogeschool Leiden

Danaé Stad is researcher at research group Residential Youth Care. Among other research activities she is involved with the periodical research in all Dutch juvenile correctional institutions.


In 2014 Danaé Stad graduated as criminologist (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). For her thesis she has conducted a research in collaboration with Police department Amsterdam which was focused on violent incidents between police and civilians. Previous to her Criminology study (both Bachelor and Master) Danaé finished a Hbo bachelor ‘Psychodiagnostisch werk’ in 2009 (main focus: forensic psychiatry). For her thesis she has conducted a research about personality tests that are used in forensic correctional treatment facilities (in Dutch: TBS-klinieken). In 2006 Danaé received a propedeuse certificate in Applied Psychology.

After graduation in 2014 Danaé has worked at Ateno, a research centre for analysis of criminal convictions. In April 2016 she joined the research group Residential Youth Care of Hogeschool Leiden. 


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