Lectoraat Residentiële Jeugdzorg

Sia, RAAK-publiek. Project title: I’m going back to school

For a period of two years (2014-2015), a large scale project is being conducted financed by a Raak-publiek grant. The Leiden University of Applied Sciences is coordinating this project. This project was conducted in cooperation between regional practitioners of Leiden (coordinator) and Windesheim University of Applied Science and 60 school for special education aims to convert implicit knowledge into evidence-based knowledge through practice-oriented and scientific research. The objective is to use concrete innovative products such as a teaching method, teacher training and unbiased measuring tools to improve the quality of the learning and work climate. By way of a Randomised Controlled Trial involving 500 young people the effectiveness of the program will be assessed. The project will be set up in an initial pilot phase with regional partners before being rolled out nation-wide at the partner practitioners and universities of applied sciences in the area where both universities of applied sciences already have a close partnership. 

After the initial pilot phase in which the learning climate questionnaire was designed together with regional partners and the best form of support was debated, in December 2014, the project “Meester in de Klas” (master in the classroom) kicked off. Five schools are involved in this with more than 30 classes and teachers throughout the country. The project is being conducted jointly by researchers and trainers of Leiden University of Applied Sciences, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle (NL), University of Amsterdam and Bureau HTM.

On 26 November 2015, a congress is being organized at Leiden University of Applied Sciences during which findings and experiences will be shared with interested parties. For more information about this project or the congress contact Marianne Koning, formal project manager: koning.m@hsleiden.nl