Lectoraat Residentiële Jeugdzorg

Horizon Jeugdzorg & Onderwijs and Stichting Gereformeerd Burgerweeshuis

Horizon Jeugdzorg & Onderwijs (Horizon Youth Care & Education) and research group Residential Youthcare have formed a partnership to conduct several projects in the context of the living group, learning and work climate at the care-institutions and special education schools of Horizon. In the conducted projects, the collaboration and cooperation of care and education is the main focus. The situation in the several facilities is being monitored by follow-up climate research among children, adolescents, and staff-members. The collected data is used to allow care and education to cooperate more effectively. The meta-question is formulated as follows: what is the added value of the dual approach to youth care and education?

The following points for concern are taken into account when integrating the research results:

  1. Does the collective approach to youth care and education create a faster learning process?
  2. Does the collective approach to youth care and education create higher quality in this area?
  3. What are the experiences of the clients and the professionals?

The commitment of Horizon and the research group Residential Youth Care Horizon has the support of the  Gereformeerd Burgerweeshuis (Reformed Civil Orphanage). In 1986, the Gereformeerd Burgerweeshuis of Rotterdam became a foundation with the objective of promoting care for raising and educating minors. To this end, the foundation supports the activities of Stichting Horizon Jeugdzorg en Speciaal Onderwijs. (Horizon youth care foundation and special education).