Lectorale rede Passend onderwijs

What teachers need to create inclusive classrooms in the Netherlands

The research focused on shining examples of inclusive education (how do teachers succeed in providing inclusive education?) and the needs of teachers to realize that in their daily practice. For this purpose questionnaires have been developed. These questionnaires have been distributed among 37 primary schools in the South-Western part of The Netherlands. Based on the outcomes of this research, five in depth interviews have been conducted with 'excellent' inclusive teachers.

All participants (both from the questionnaires and the interviews) emphasize that one of the most important keys for inclusive education is to focus on communication and real conversations with the children. Excellent inclusive teachers focus on the solutions that children present to them. They work on what works (WOWW) and focus on positive behavior. These teachers do not strictly follow the curriculum or methods, but adapt their teaching to the childrens' needs. The solution focused approach was found as one of the keys to more inclusive education.