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Workshop metagenomics

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Metagenomics studies the presence of micro organisms in a sample and uncovers the interactions between those micro organisms. A great advantage of metagenomics is that it can - in principle - access 100% of the genetic material of a sample, whereas traditional cultivation and genomics methods access only a fraction. By revealing the secrets of microbial communities, metagenomics has been responsible for advances in biomedicine, biotechnology, agriculture and ecology.


  • workflow of sample preparation, DNA isolation, selection of sequencing technology, read mapping, annotation and metagenome assembly;
  • 16S and metagenome analyses;
  • taxonomic classification;
  • quantification of microbial communities and species richness (so-called alpha diversity);
  • review of functional properties of the microorganisms in the samples by adding annotations and via metabolic pathway reconstruction;
  • pipelines for data analysis and presentation of the data.

Learning objectives

During this course you will learn:

  • the basic principles and concepts needed to understand the basics of metagenomics research;
  • the basic workflow in a lab conducting of metagenomic studies and assays;
  • how to take samples and isolate DNA for metagenomics analysis and what the common pitfalls are;
  • how to analyze 16S and metagenome data with freely accessible online tools;
  • how to interpret the results and present the data.

Practical information

Draft programme metagenomics ( pdf, 117 KB )

For whom
laboratory professionals who are involved in metagenomics research but who have limited experience with the relevant techniques or who are outsourcing their metagenomics analysis

Course level


Course dates
19th and 20th of November 2018

Course hours
09.30 - 16.00h

14 hours theory

Proof of participation

before 8th of October 2018

Course fee
€ 860,- (by registration before 10th of September 2018 € 785,-)


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