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Management of Emergencies

Overall objective:

The participants gain insight in health care delivery in emergency situations and the role and tasks of the international public health professional in these situations.

Brief specification:

Quite a number of organizations that send out health workers, focus their activities on humanitarian assistance. Therefore, this subject elaborates on the nature of emergency situations, occurring health problems and how to deal with these problems. Also the tasks, position and dilemma's of international public health professionals in emergency relief are discussed.

General subject matter:

  • Targets of emergency relief
  • Effectiveness of emergency relief
  • Tasks of the health care team within emergency relief
  • Organization of emergency relief
  • Environmental health, incl. water & sanitation
  • Medicine and nutrition in emergency situations
  • Mental health in emergency situations
  • Human rights
  • Stress handling

Teaching method:

Seminars, (group)assignments, literature study and practicals.


By means of a case study (group assignment). At the end of the course participants receive a certificate of Leiden University of Applied Sciences.

Dates: 4 days, to be advised

Monday from 10.30 - 17.15 hrs.

NB: the preparation of the final assignment requires some additional 10 hours per week.


Leiden University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Leiden)

Course fee:

The course fee amounts to 1100,- euro including course materials, excluding catering.

Leiden University of Applied Sciences is not liable to pay VAT for the provision of education, subject to changes in the law.

Enrolment Course:

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