Hogeschool Leiden

Length of study programme

The course takes one year (from September to June) and contains approximately 36 tutorial days. The study load is about 20 hours per week. The course will be offered through a number of modules, which are centered around training days.

As from September 2013 we offer the IPH course in a blended learning format. Blended learning combines online delivery of educational content (e-learning) with the best characteristics of classroom interaction and allows personalized learning and thoughtful reflection. E- Learning will give students the possibility to study partly at their own pace and time and helps in reducing travel time. Because of the combined e-learning and classroom teaching we have been able to substantially reduce the course fee and as such offer better opportunities to follow this exciting and high quality training programme, which is well-appreciated by many development organizations both in the Netherlands as well as elsewhere.

The next course will positively start on 28 September 2015.

Click here for the Lessondays 2014/2015 ( docx, 12 KB )

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