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International project management


5 EC (130 hours study time)

Overall objective:

The participants develop skills to initiate/facilitate and manage projects in developing countries, in close cooperation with local and other stakeholders (such as local partners, NGOs and authorities at various levels).

Brief specification:

This course deals with the (prospective) management environment of the participant and enables him/her to contextualize the different aspects of project management in developing countries. The knowledge and skills acquired during this course are important in the context of working in and with other cultures.

Throughout the course, small groups will work out their own project proposal (based on a case study and upon request on a project brought in by the participant). These project proposals will be presented to a panel of professionals during a final session 10 weeks after the lecturing days.

General subject matter:

  • The management cycle (project cycle management)
  • Problem analysis/Setting priorities
  • Financial management: budgeting
  • Supervising/Coaching
  • Staff development
  • Negotiation skills
  • Management styles: leadership (roles)
  • Project specification/Project proposal writing
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Teaching method:

Seminars, (group) assignments and literature study.


Group assignment (writing and presenting a project proposal). At the end of the course participants receive a certificate of Leiden University of Applied Sciences.


Lecturing days: 4 days, to be advised

from 10.30 -17.15 hrs.
Presentation of the final assignment takes place on tba.
NB: the preparation of the final assignment requires some additional 10 hours per week.


Leiden University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Leiden)

Course fee:

The course fee amounts to 1650,- euro including course materials, excluding catering. Leiden University of Applied Sciences is not liable to pay VAT for the provision of education, subject to changes in the law.

Enrolment Course

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