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  • Start 31st May 2021
  • Duration 2 days
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In this workshop, a general background to metagenomics is provided. The workflow of sample preparation, DNA isolation, platform selection, read mapping, annotation and metagenome assembly is covered. Attention is paid to taxonomic classification, quantification of microbial communities and species richness. In addition, functional properties of the microorganisms in the samples are reviewed. Pipelines for data analysis and presentation of the data are discussed.  

Hands-on data analysis is an important part: during practical sessions, you will get to analyse both 16S and metagenome data sets. 

For whom
This workshop is intended for laboratory professionals who are involved in metagenomics research but who have limited experience with the relevant techniques or who are outsourcing their metagenomics analysis. 

Centre for Bioscience and Diagnostics

This course is part of the courses for professionals organized by Centre for Bioscience and Diagnostics (CBD). Our discipline, life science and health, is always changing and that is what makes it so inspiring. The CBD develops and runs a broad-based portfolio of training courses that take place at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden

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Learning objectives

During this course you will learn: 

  • the basic principles and concepts needed to understand the backgrounds of metagenomics research;
  • the basic workflow of metagenomics research;
  • how to take samples and isolate DNA for metagenomics research and what the pitfalls are like;
  • how to analyze 16S and metagenome data with free accessible tools available online;
  • how to interpret the results and present the data. 



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This two day course is taught in English and has a theory and practice part.
The next workshop Metagenomics starts on 31st May 2021.

Day 1 
The following topics are covered during this first day: introduction to metagenomics, how to take and analyze samples, library prep strategies for composition analysis and functional analysis. During the afternoon session, there are practical exercises.

Day 2
On the second day, common pitfalls will be discussed as well as data interpretation from 16S rRNA gene targeted profiling. There is a practical session in the afternoon.

See the full programme for more information.

Floyd Wittink and Hilda van Mourik will share their knowledge during this course, also some quest lecturers from the workfield.

Floyd Wittink

Docent Floyd Wittink

Floyd Wittink is a molecular biologist with affinity for computers, and this led him into the field of bio-informatics. At CBD, he teaches (among other things) next-gen sequencing courses. He did his PhD in developmental biology at the Radboud University Nijmegen, where he noticed the importance of the right balance between education and research. Before coming to Hogeschool Leiden, Floyd worked in a lab environment for many years, for example setting up a microarray lab at Utrecht University and leading a microarray facility at the University of Amsterdam.

“Teaching post-bachelor professionals is a gift. They bring their own expertise and specific questions.”

Hilda van Mourik

Docente Hilda van Mourik

At Centrum Bioscience en Diagnostiek a tailor-made pogramme is also a possibility. The power of this is that we can focus directly to the unique work situation and training needs of the organisation. You can choose for an incompany training (for a group of employees) or a individual training. 

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Practical information

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Target audience 
Laboratory professionals who are involved in metagenomics research but who have limited experience with the relevant techniques or who are outsourcing their metagenomics analysis 

Course level 


Couse dates
31st May and 1st June 2021

Class times
09.30 - 16.00h

14 hours theory (13 UEC) 

Proof of participation 

Register before 19th April 2021

Course fee 
€ 940,- (by registration before 22nd March 2021 € 855,-)

Centrum Bioscience en Diagnostiek (CBD)

Het vakgebied life science en health staat nooit stil. Samen met diverse partners uit het werkveld ontwikkelt het CBD daarom opleidingen en nascholingen die inspelen op wat er, nu én in de toekomst, nodig is in de sector.