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For parents and caretakers

An adolescent facing a future-defining choice could benefit from some guidance, don't you think? As a parent or caretaker, it's not always easy to intervene - whether solicited or unsolicited - in your child's educational decisions. That's why we offer a few tips to assist you.

foto van open dag hogeschool Leiden
Studenten lopen op een centraal punt in Hogeschool Leiden die de sfeer van de school geeft

Here's how you can help with their study choice:

Still feeling uncertain?
  1. Recalling memories in a relaxed way. As a parent, you often know best what your child used to 'always want to be'. Or what your child was really good at. Perhaps your child had already forgotten that!
  2. Visit the Open Day of a number of schools together. The average adolescent tends to forget something sometimes: so registering is a rewarding task for you.
  3. Explore the websites of various colleges yourself. You will see that there are many more courses and opportunities than you thought. Especially compared to when you had to make your own study choice.
  4. Point out to your child the opportunities to get acquainted. Besides attending general Open Days, they can drop in and experience specific study programmes firsthand. Don't forget to register your child for these events too!

Here's how to help your child register

Made a study choice?
Made a study choice?

Choosing a course is half the battle. But then you are not there yet! Each course has its own enrolment procedure with different steps and deadlines.

Know the entry requirements

Step 1

For any bachelor programme, you must have a havo, vwo or mbo level 4 diploma. However, there are often additional requirements or tests for admission. You can find these details on the 'Admission and enrolment' page of each programme.

Be mindful of the deadline

Step 2

Most college bachelors start in September. Your child's registration must be in well before then. This is often 1 May, but this varies per programme. See the 'Admission and enrolment' page.

Check out Studielink

Step 3

Studielink is the national platform to register your child for a higher education study. Log in using your child's DigiD. Additionally, you can monitor the progress of enrolment through Studielink, so remember to check regularly.

Arrange payment on time

Step 4

Enrolment is only considered complete once the tuition fees have been settled. This can be done through a digital authorisation in Studielink, whether it's you or your child making the payment.

Have faith in your child

Step 5

They may not always follow the expected path, and while they might not voice it, they do need your support and trust. So, remind them of your belief in them from time to time.