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100+ management models

At the Faculty of Management & Business of University of Applied Sciences Leiden we identify, teach, test and enrich the most powerful academic theories for our 2.000 students in Communication, Economics, HRM, Social care management, Health care Management and Law. This is how we implement knowledge valorisation: making academic knowledge work.

The Knowledge Circle of the Faculty, consisting of five senior lecturers, contributes by facilitating the increase and exchange of knowledge of lecturers and students in a collective framework. We work on a rich body of knowledge to add value for our stakeholders:

  • our lecturers, to have a dynamic and solid structure to capture, share and enrich their expertise;
  • our students, to be trained in applying state-of-the-art management knowledge;
  • the employers of our trainees and alumni, to engage them with the best practices of applied management science.

To focus our application of science, we worked in 2013 with Trompenaars-Hampden Turner to bundle and position what we consider to be the most powerful management theories for the organizations our students will work for.

Gratis inkijkversie en recensies

Via is het mogelijk om een gratis inkijkversie van 100+ Management Models te downloaden. Hierin zijn tien management models opgenomen. Over het boek 100+ Management Models zijn tevens verschillende recensies verschenen: