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Minor Sustainable Trade

Research group Sustainable & Circular Business, research group Law and Justice,  and colleagues from the study programs Marketing Management and Law, are jointly developing the new minor (elective) ITHRE (International Trade, Human Rights and the Environment). 

Companies have a responsibility to respect human rights and the environment throughout their international supply chains and to enable remediation when abuses take place. In this minor (3-6 month elective), students will learn how companies can reduce their negative impact, their direct or indirect contribution to human right violations, and their negative impact on the environment.

Why choose this minor?

International responsible business conduct is taken more seriously every day by companies, courts, legislators, governments and other stakeholders. International guidelines that oblige companies to take responsibility for their own, their suppliers’, and their partners’ actions are rapidly being developed on national and European level. 

If you want to know how you could help companies reduce their contribution to human rights violations or any negative impact on the environment, this might be the elective for you (3-6 months course). Please consult our (English) minors for exchange students page to sign up for the next course.

Learn more about enrollment

This minor responds to the latest international legislation for companies in terms of human rights and the environment. Want to know more about recent international developments? You can read the relevant press release of the United Nations here: Human rights and environmental due diligence laws crucial to combat irresponsible business activities – UN expert | OHCHR.

Students from all studies are very welcome to enroll. It is an interdisciplinary minor and an excellent choice for students of Business, Law, Economics, Marketing, Communication, Logistics, Sustainability, Sales, Journalism, and other fields of study.