Odulf Damen

Foto van Odulf Damen, medewerker Antroposofische Gezondheidszorg

Odulf Damen is a driven music therapist, working as a researcher in the professorship and is also a lecturer in the Art Therapy course. In the professorship he is working on the research project, ‘Art therapy for attachment problems’.

Work experience

2005 - present: University of Applied Sciences Leiden, Lecturer in music therapy, staff member Professorship AH, staff member Post-higher professional education courses  
2003 - 2008: Academie De Wervel/ Sector leader of Music Therapy Department 
2000 - present: Muziektheater ImpAkt/ Performing musician, co-founder  
1990 - 2008: Academie De Wervel/ Lecturer in music therapy   
1990 - 2010: Musiktherapeutische Arbeitsstätte Berlin/ Permanent guest lecturer in music therapy 
1986 - present: Stichting Zonnehuizen, Michaelshoeve site, Music therapist  
1978 - 1984: Michaelshoeve/ Group facilitator; music teacher at school for children with severe learning difficulties 
1977 - 1980: Performing musician (violinist) and teaching practice 


1998: Teaching certificate/ University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam  
1984 - 1985: Training in music therapy/Musiktherapeutische Arbeitsstätte Berlin  
1979 - 1982: Training as group facilitator in special education (now SPW)  
1972 - 1977: Conservatory training in violin B/O at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague 

Administrative and other activities

2003 - present: European Academy for Art Therapies/ Board member (international partnership of anthroposophic training courses as art therapist)  
1990 - present: Organisation of the annual international conference for anthroposophic music therapists and doctors