Egbert van Wijk

Egbert van Wijk is a doctor and lecturer. For the professorship he is working on an ICT tool for anthroposophic and integrative medicine. 

Work experience

2012 - present: project manager ICT support for conducting consultations in anthroposophic medicine & integrated medicine, Professorship Anthroposophic Healthcare  
2004 - 2008: trainer in communication and conducting consultations, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Antwerp  
1994 - present: lecturer in fundamental medical fields in Classic Homeopathy education (currently at the Netherlands Homeopathy Academy in Almelo)  
1993 - present: GP trainer, Interuniversity Centre for GP Training, Leuven  
1990 - present: Doctor at anthroposophic school 


Classic homeopathic doctor, Unio Homeopathica Belgica  
Anthroposophic psycholearning therapy, Manfred van Doorn, Amsterdam 
GP specialism, University of Antwerp  
Anthroposophic doctor, N.V.A.A.  
Medical degree, University of Maastricht  
Seminary of the Christian Community, 1 semester, Stuttgart  
Bachelor in Social Sciences concerning Welfare issues, pre-specialisation psychotherapy, University of Groningen