Annemarie Abbing

Foto van Annemarie Abbing, medewerker Antroposofische Gezondheidszorg

Annemarie Abbing, BA, MSc, is currently working on her doctoral (PhD) research on documentation methods of art therapy and case study methodology. She is also involved in fundraising and project organisation.

Work experience

2010 - present: University of Applied Sciences Leiden, Project developer/fund-raiser and Researcher with the Professorship in Anthroposophic Healthcare  
2009 - 2010 Secondary Special Education, The Hague, Advisor and fund-raiser for an art project  
2006 - 2007: Ministry of LNV [Agriculture, Nature, Food], Food Quality and Animal Health Board, Field Coordinator / research staff,  
Pilot: Electronic Identification & Registration of sheep/goats  
2005: Diergaarde Blijdorp [Rotterdam Zoo], Veterinary analyst/ pathology assistant  


2010: Course in Effectively acquiring (European) subsidy, SBO / PNO2  
2001 - 2005: Veterinary medicine (scientific research), major in Veterinary Public Health, University of Utrecht  
2000 - 2001: School music / Flute, Royal Conservatory, The Hague  
1997 - 2001: Art Therapy, University of Applied Sciences Leiden 

Other activities

2004 - 2006: Veterinary assistant (while studying veterinary medicine), Veterinary practice Auwerda, The Hague  
2000 - 2001: Art therapist (trainee), Leendert Meeshuis, Bilthoven  
1999 - 2000: Teacher of art education / art therapist (trainee), Northgo Scholengemeenschap, Noordwijk